Why attend DevDays

 Join us for the edition of DevDays 2024

June 10-13, 2024
Minneapolis, MN


Join us for the DevDays 2024, where the FHIR community lives and thrives. 

Do you need FHIR in your day-to-day job? DevDays is where you can learn all about FHIR and hone your FHIR expertise. There will be a plethora of content for both developers and non-coders, for FHIR starters and FHIR experts alike. 

“DevDays is so inspiring and vibrant, you’d almost forget it’s work!”

Get the latest news in interoperability 

The 2024 edition will offer a wide variation in keynotes, tutorials, Let’s Build! sessions, presentations on real-life FHIR implementations.

Learn from FHIR experts from the world’s biggest tech companies 

Big Tech is on FHIR. Major industry players like Google, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon and IBM will present their FHIR-ready technology. Be there as they share their experiences with FHIR. 

Who is DevDays for? 

Every year hundreds of experts from health institutions, EHRs, HIEs, tech companies, government agencies, medical associations, insurance providers and pharmaceutical companies join us at DevDays to live and breathe FHIR.  

  • Software developers 
  • App developers 
  • Product managers 
  • Researchers 
  • Data scientists 

Need to convince your boss? 

Don’t worry, we wrote this ‘Convince Your Boss Letter’ just for you. It outlines all the ways DevDays can enrich your professional skillset plus all the practical details they need to know about DevDays. 


McNamara Alumni Center

200 SE Oak Street
Minneapolis, MN 55455