DevDays is the most important and largest FHIR-only event in the world. The DevDays mission is to give health IT professionals around the world the opportunity to learn about FHIR, to meet with colleagues and exchange ideas, and apply what they have learned in their day-to-day work. DevDays accelerates the dissemination of FHIR.

The FHIR founders and core team love and attend DevDays, not only to teach but also to learn from implementers on what can be improved in the standard.

DevDays is a non-business event. The focus is on the people who do the actual work, the developers, the architects, the designers. Tutorials cover all aspects of FHIR, across the different health IT domains, like imaging, devices, terminology, machine learning, cloud, and EHRs.

And since we’re with developers: there is a lot of coding going on at DevDays. “Works in Powerpoint” is not good enough at DevDays. LET’S BUILD! sessions provide guided exercises and we always reserve a large hackathon room for meeting with the experts for Q&A.


Micky Tripathi
“I attended DevDays in Amsterdam and it was fantastic. Any company small or large interested in FHIR would definitely benefit from participating”.

Micky Tripathi, President and CEO, Massachusetts eHealth Collaborative

Paula Braun
“DevDays is electrifying. It’s a place where the FHIR community comes together and welcomes new members. Everyone roles up their sleeves, shares what they know, and works together to help solve high-priority health challenges.”.

Paula Braun, Data Science Enterpreneur, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Grahame Grieve
“I love DevDays: its openness, and the way the event lets people interact. At DevDays people who work on the standards and the many related tools and services meet with the people who want to solve real healthcare problems. They learn how to use FHIR, we learn how to make FHIR better”.

Grahame Grieve, Principal, Health Intersections Ltd