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Cheat Sheet

HL7 FHIR Cheat Sheet

In this cheat sheet, you will find tips and shortcuts.

Cheat sheet

FHIR R5 Snapshot #1

In this cheat sheet, you will find tips and shortcuts for the upcoming HL7 FHIR Release 5 Snapshot #1.


FHIR Acronyms explained

In this sheet, you will find all of the FHIR Acronyms explained. This is perfect if you are new to FHIR.

Cheat sheet


Get the ultimate cheat sheet for HL7 FHIR Release 4. Enjoy all the tips and shortcuts you should know by heart, on one glorious page.

White paper


Download FHIRBall’s white paper on Better Data for Better Health: FHIR Helps Fulfill Healthcare’s Interoperability Promise.


Convince your boss

Do you need to convince your boss to attend DevDays 2024 in Minneapolis, MN? Don’t worry, we wrote this letter just for you.



The FHIR chat on Zulip is where the FHIR community meets throughout the year.

During DevDays, the #DevDays Support stream allows you to submit questions and requests for support. Want to join this community? Create a Zulip account here.