HL7® FHIR® DevDays

JUNE 15-18, 2020



Ricky Sahu

1upHealth, USA

Ricky Sahu is the CEO and Co-founder of 1upHealth. Ricky previously worked at Google on the Google Apps for Business team to automate support for customer issues and forecast demand to staff hundreds of employees around the globe. Afterward he built tools to improve search engine optimization and online marketing using machine learning and programming crowds at Promediacorp for companies like Sony, Microsoft, and Forever21. Prior to 1upHealth, Ricky was the first employee and Director of Engineering at health tech startup CareJourney which analyzes claims data and publishes APIs for Accountable Care Organizations to improve care and reduce costs. Ricky’s experience spans machine learning, serverless architecture, circuit design for IOT sensors, blockchain smart contracts, and healthcare. He studied Systems Engineering & Economics at the University of Virginia.

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DeveloperLet’s build!Patient Mediated Data Connectivity

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