HL7® FHIR® DevDays

JUNE 15-18, 2020



Rene Spronk

Ringholm, the Netherlands

René Spronk is a professional trainer focused on interoperability standards such as HL7 v2, FHIR, IHE XDS and DICOM. He has over twentyfive years of experience in HL7, has been involved in FHIR since its inception, and provides training courses and presentations, mainly in Europe. He is an active supporter of the HL7 implementation community, and acts as the facilitator for the Community Track at the FHIR DevDays. René was the one who proposed the acronym FHIR and as such gets blamed for many a fire-joke. However, if we look at the success of DevDays the name has surely helped to get everybody “all FHIRed up”.

TrackSession TypeTitle
FHIR DocumentsTutorialIHE XDS: adding two table spoons of FHIR


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