HL7® FHIR® DevDays

JUNE 15-18, 2020



Nikolai Schwertner

Interopion, USA

Nikolai has 20 years of experience on the cutting edge of technology innovation. At Academic Technology he led the development of the Tufts Digital Library and the award winning Visual Understanding Environment (VUE). He then joined Harvard University’s Information Technology Innovation Group before taking the engineering lead position of the team that developed the SMART on FHIR and CDS Hooks platforms at Harvard Medical. In response to the growing needs of the SMART ecosystem, Nikolai founded MedAppTech and led the company to become a leader in medical applications technology, producing many of the most widely used SMART medical applications. Most recently, Nikolai co-founded Interopion where continues his work on driving healthcare innovation by solving interoperability challenges and leading the design of transformative software solutions based on community-driven standards. As Chief Strategy Officer at Interopion, one of Nikolai’s responsibilities is overseeing the team that developed the HSPC sandbox platform.

TrackSession TypeTitle
Building clientsTutorialBuilding and Testing SMART on FHIR Apps with HSPC Sandbox 2019

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