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Dana Lewis,

Grahame Grieve
Health Intersections Ltd

Greg Simon
Biden Cancer Initiative

Micky Tripathi
Massachusetts eHealth Collaborative

Peter Lee

Judy Gichoya
Dotter Institute

Steve Posnack
Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT (ONC)

Tracks, sessions and speakers

Track name Session title Speaker
Developer EHR app store Abigail Watson
Bulk data API Dan Gottlieb
Working with FHIRpath Ewout Kramer
Validation of FHIR data Ewout Kramer
Graphql/Graphdefinition Grahame Grieve
FHIRcast Isaac Vetter
Hooks with SMART messaging Janet Campbell
LET’S BUILD! A Synthetic FHIR Dataset Jason Walonoski
Subscriptions on FHIR Jenni Syed
LET’S BUILD! Patient Mediated Data Connectivity Ricky Sahu
Machine Learning and FHIR Speaker tbc (Google)
Building clients LET’S BUILD! Java and .NET FHIR client James AgnewMirjam Baltus
LET’S BUILD! Java and .NET FHIR client – continued James AgnewMirjam Baltus
Take your app up a notch Jenni Syed
Building and Testing SMART on FHIR Apps with HSPC Sandbox 2019 Nikolai Schwertner
Building servers LET’S BUILD! search in FHIR Alexander Zautke
LET’S BUILD! a Vonk plug-in Alexander Zautke
FHIR server building Christiaan Knaap
LET’S BUILD! A FHIR Facade Christiaan Knaap
Managing patient merge Grahame Grieve
FHIR server building James Agnew
Getting data into the FHIR API John Stairs
A FHIR server: the swiss army knife in an IT architecture Marco Visser
LET’S BUILD! A FHIR sandbox in 30 minutes Michael Hansen
Storage and analytics Nikolai Ryzhikov
Modeling Implementation Guides Ardon Toonstra
LET’S BUILD! a FHIR package Ardon Toonstra
LET’S BUILD! An Implementation Guide Ardon ToonstraLloyd McKenzie
Getting Started with the Common Data model (CDM) with OMOP on FHIR David Yue
Profiling in practice Lilian Minne
LET’S BUILD! My first profile Lilian MinneMichel RuttenArdon Toonstra
Customizing IG Publisher templates Lloyd McKenzie
FHIR Profiling Overview Michel Rutten
FHIR standard Managing multiple versions Grahame Grieve
FHIR 5 Grahame Grieve
Packages and versioning Martijn Harthoorn
International Patient Summary Rob Hausam
Open mHealth (OmH) and FHIR Simona Carini
A general introduction to FHIR Simone Heckmann
FHIR Proficiency Exam preparation Simone Heckmann
Policy FHIR Server Certification: The Inferno Walkthrough Robert Scanlon
FHIR Server Certification Devops Robert Scanlon
Standard Based APIs Steve Posnack
Argonaut Argonaut Data Query on FHIR R4 Brett MarquardEric Haas
Questionnaire Eric HaasBrian Postlethwaite
Clinical Notes Michelle Miller
Da Vinci Da Vinci: Broad update Viet Nguyen
Da Vinci: Payer/Clinical Data exchange – sending data from Payers TO providers Viet Nguyen
CARIN Consumer Directed Payer Data Exchange & the CARIN Blue Button Framework Amol Vyas
Clinical Decision Support Clinical Decision Support and FHIR Bryn Rhodes
LET’S BUILD! Clinical Decision Support Bryn Rhodes
LET’S BUILD! CDS-Hooks Dennis Patterson
Research Clinical Trials Sebastiaan Knijnenburg
Trial Site to Sponsor Lab data exchange with HL7 FHIR Amy Nordo
mCODE Mark Kramer
Mapping Methods for transforming content from v2 and cda to FHIR and vice versa Grahame Grieve
LET’S BUILD! FHIR mapping examples Vadim Peretokin
FHIR Mapping Language Vadim Peretokin
Public Health FHIR and Public Health Speaker tbc
FHIR messaging Speaker tbc
Leveraging FHIR for Public Health Paula Braun
Quality Measures Next Generation Quality Reporting with FHIR Ben HamlinSam Sayer
LET’S BUILD! Next Generation Quality Reporting with FHIR Bryn Rhodes
Special Topics Healthcare Directories Brian Postlethwaite
Genomics Gil Alterovitz
Flicker or Bonfire – How design choices affect FHIR’s power Lloyd McKenzie
DICOM for Imaging and its FHIR integration Mohannad Hussein
Terminology Using LOINC with FHIR Dan Vreeman
How and when to use FHIR Terminology Service APIs Jim Steel
LET’S BUILD! How and when to use FHIR Terminology Service APIs Jim Steel
Terminology Advanced Rob Hausam
Snomed overview Rory Davidson
LET’S BUILD! Snomed Rory Davidson
Security Security in FHIR Andrew Marcus
LET’S BUILD! Capture the Flag – Hacking a FHIR server Andrew Marcus
SMART on FHIR Josh Mandel
Consumer access / advanced OAuth Josh Mandel
FHIR Documents IHE XDS: adding two table spoons of FHIR Rene Spronk
FHIR Documents Rick Geimer
Clinical FHIR for clinicians David Hay
LET’S BUILD! Modeling a clinical scenario David Hay
Community Track Presentations by participants