Patient Innovator Track

What if technically minded patients had access to their data from hospitals, labs, and apps? What if they could collect the data themselves and massage and format it however they like?

The Patient Innovator Track provides a stage to patients and family caregivers who are taking control of their health using data about their disease and their treatment. We invite patients to show the unimagined things people can do with data when their health is at stake. The goal of the track is to inspire the DevDays audience and to share the values that underpin FHIR.


The Patient Innovator Track takes place during the three days of DevDays in the plenary room. Four finalists get the opportunity to demo their achievements in 10 minute pitches.


Applicants first compete for an invitation to DevDays. Those who are selected will be brought to Cleveland to compete for the Patient Innovator Award. A jury will select the best presentation. The award is a contribution in kind (to be determined) by a sponsor. This could be free tooling or cloud services, developer or consultancy resources, space in the app store, promotion, etc.

Why apply?

Why consider applying for the Patient Innovator Track?

  • Reach out to the FHIR ecosystem and learn about the specification that is transforming the industry
  • Reach out to a community of health IT professionals, potentially helping you to take your solution to the next level 
  • Connect with EHR vendors and discuss integration opportunities 
  • Discuss with forward-looking medical professionals how to embed the solution into medical practice 

Who should apply? 

The Patient Innovator Track is intended for patients who have applied information technology, allowing them to get a better insight into their disease or treatment, to take control of their health, or to improve the quality of their lives. Patients’ caregivers are also invited to apply. 



The jury reviews applications based on the following criteria: 

  • Proving the power of health data when it becomes available for a patient
  • Direct impact on the patient’s health or treatment 
  • Possible relevance for other patients, ideally as an app that might use FHIR someday
  • Proven usage in daily life 

Since the main goal is to inspire the audience, we also take your speaking skills and the clarity of your presentation materials into account.

Your entry can be related to an app, a hardware device producing data, or some smart way of using your health data in any other way. Your accomplishment does not need to be FHIR-enabled (yet). Please keep in mind that we are looking for something real, so not just a slide deck. 


Submit your application by filling out the form before April 23, 2020. We will invite four finalists. The selection will be announced on May 8, 2020. 


The track is led by Dave deBronkart, also known as e-Patient Dave. Other members of the jury areGrahame Grieve (founder of FHIR), and a representative of the sponsors. Read Dave’s blog post about the Amsterdam edition here. Dave also wrote a blog on the winner of the Amsterdam edition, here.


There are no costs involved in participating in the Patient Innovator Track. You will have free access to DevDays. 


For inquiries about the Patient Innovation Track, please contact Marita Mantle-Kloosterboer at