HL7® FHIR® DevDays

JUNE 16-18, 2020
Cleveland, OH



During the HL7 FHIR DevDays in Redmond, the available exercises can be found below.
You can use them during the Let’s build and Meet & Code sessions.

Session By Track PDF File
Firely’s Quiz Download
Let’s build! Questionnaire Eric Haas Argonaut Download
Java and .NET FHIR client Mirjam Baltus, James Agnew Building clients

Download 1

Download 2

Let’s build! Search in FHIR Alexander Zautke Building servers Download
FHIR for clinicians David Hay Clinical Download
Let’s build! CDS Hooks Services Dennis Patterson Clinical Decision Support Download
A Synthetic FHIR Dataset Jason Walonoski Developer Download
FHIRcast Isaac Vetter Developer Download
Let’s build! Integration of Amazon Comprehend Medical with a FHIR server Mithun Mallick Developer Download
Intro to DICOM for Imaging and its FHIR integration Mohannad Hussain Imaging Download
Let’s build! A FHIR package Ardon Toonstra Modeling Download
Let’s build! My first profile Lilian Minne, Ardon Toonstra, Michel Rutten Modeling Download
Let’s build! An Implementation Guide Ardon Toonstra
Lloyd McKenzie
Modeling Download
Getting started with the common data model with OMOP on FHIR  David Yue Modeling Download
Let’s build! Personal Health Device Data on FHIR Melanie Yeung Special Topics Download
Using LOINC with FHIR Daniel Vreeman Terminology Download
Let’s build! SNOMED Rory Davidson Terminology Download
Let’s build! How and when to use FHIR Terminology Service APIs Jim Steel Terminology Download


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