HL7® FHIR® DevDays 2019

JUNE 10-12, 2019
Redmond, WA

Martijn Harthoorn

Firely, the Netherlands

Martijn Harthoorn is Team Manager for the Firely FHIR team and the Architect of Simplifier.net, the leading FHIR registry and online platform for FHIR Profile Authoring. He has been actively involved in the C# FHIR reference implementation from the start. Martijn was the Lead Developer for Spark FHIR server, and co-author of the C# FHIR API libraries. Currently he tries to solve the problems around publishing, milestoning, packaging and versioning for FHIR and the FHIR tooling ecosystem.

Track Session Type Title
FHIR standard Tutorial Packages and versioning

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