HL7 FHIR DevDays

June 10-13, 2024

Minneapolis, MN USA


The DevDays program will, as always, include the finest insights the FHIR community has to offer. From those who founded the standard, those who improve it every day and those who implemented it at scale and lived to tell the tale!

The pre-conference Monday will have a wide range of introductory tutorials to give a solid foundation for the coming days for every background. Expect to be trained in the basics of FHIR and terminology.

From there on, we’ll continue with the biggest names in FHIR, helping you with implementation knowledge. Take back from DevDays on Thursday, implement next Monday! That’s our motto. In addition, implementers from all over the world will be sharing their lessons learned and best practices.

Topics will include, but certainly not be limited to:

  • US health IT regulations, including the work from CMS, ONC, Argonaut and NCQA
  • National and international standards like US Core, IPA and IPS
  • Everything in the Clinical Quality Framework: CQL, CDS Hooks, Clinical Practice Guidelines and Measurements
  • Everything SMART, including SMART on FHIR and SMART Healthcards
  • FHIRPath, Questionnaires, SDC Extract, Bulk Data, SQL on FHIR, FHIRCast
  • OMOP, OpenEHR and FHIR R6
  • Implementation projects from around the globe
  • Scaling and performance
  • Advanced and cutting-edge ideas and experiments

The program will also include a limited number of inspirational keynotes, hands-on workshops and a plethora of networking opportunities. Check the full schedule here.

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If you have any questions about DevDays,
please contact our Conference Manager Marita Mantle-Kloosterboer