Let’s Build a FHIR specification

This track offers tutorials and Let’s Build! sessions that teach how to create your own FHIR specification. You will learn how to customize the international FHIR base resources to the specific needs of a use case and how to make them available to the desired audience. The track starts with introductory tutorials about FHIR and its profiling mechanism. The following tutorials cover how to create profiles with Forge and FHIR Shorthand, how to version profiles with packages, and how to include them in an implementation guide with the HL7 Publisher or with Simplifier.net.

Four Let’s Build! sessions provide guided exercises for building your own FHIR specification. These sessions build on each other’s outcomes but can also be attended individually. The sessions all resolve around as single profiling use case and will result in your own complete Implementation Guide containing the required conformance resources for this use case. The below diagram shows an overview of the Let’s Build! sessions.

DevDays 2020 Let's Build a FHIR spec track overview

Use case: COVID-19 vaccination and adverse events report

The track is focused around a COVID-19 vaccination theme. In some fictional country, the medicine regulatory authority wants to monitor the uptake and safety of COVID-19 vaccines using a FHIR interface. Healthcare providers will expose COVID-19 vaccination administration and related adverse events.

The medicine regulatory authority needs to express its required data model and use cases in FHIR. They need to publish their own FHIR specification which helps the healthcare providers to implement the interface. And this is where you come in! You are asked to author these specifications. Don’t worry, we got you. This track gives you all the know-how to complete this task.

Let’s Build sessions and resources

SessionDay and timeExercise
Profiling with ForgeTuesday 4:15 – 5:00 PM Link to exercise
Profiling with FHIR ShorthandWednesday 3:15 – 4:00 PM Link to exercise
IG and packages with IG PublisherThursday 3:15 – 4:00 PM Link to exercise
IG and packages with Simplifier.netFriday 3:15 – 4:00 PM Link to exercise