Let’s Build a FHIR App

This track offers tutorials and Let’s Build! sessions that teach how to create your own FHIR app. You will learn how to map existing data to FHIR resources and how to communicate those resources (securely) with a FHIR server. Your tutors will show interesting topics based on the libraries used for your chosen platform, and help you create your first FHIR app.

Four Let’s Build! sessions provide guided exercises for building your own FHIR app. During these sessions, we will break into four groups, one for each of the platforms participating in this track: Apple, Java, JavaScript and .NET.  The sessions build on each other’s outcomes but can also be attended separately. At the end of DevDays, you will have your own FHIR app, that can read in custom data, convert it to FHIR, show the data elements of the FHIR resources, and communicate the resources with a server in a secure way. This experience will allow you to start integrating and using FHIR in your own organization.

Day 1: Introduction .NET/Java/JavaScript/Swift

Goal: Getting to know the FHIR model and the library


  • Read in a set of data
  • Map the data to a FHIR object
  • Show the data

Skills learned:

  • Mapping existing data to FHIR
  • Working with FHIR resources using FHIR library
  • Extracting data from fields in a FHIR resource

Day 2: Communicate with a FHIR server – securely

Goal: Authenticate with a FHIR server and communicate with it


  • Communicate with a public FHIR server using REST to retrieve FHIR resources
  • Show the data the same as on Day 1
  • Authorize with a server, and communicate resources securely
  • Show the data

Skills learned:

  • Using REST to communicate with a FHIR server
  • Using authorization to retrieve/send data

Day 3: Platform dependent extras

Goal: Gain more experience with the FHIR libraries available for your platform

Objectives and skills: depending on your chosen platform

Day 4: Playtime and Showcase

Goal: Finishing the application, and demo it to other attendees


  • Play around with aspects of the library not used in previous days
  • Ask your tutors any remaining questions
  • Finish the app
  • Showcase the app with a demo

Let’s Build sessions and resources

SessionDay and time (CET)ExerciseInput files
Links will follow shortly
Introduction to FHIRTuesday 2:00 – 2:45 PM  
Introduction to FHIR RESTful APITuesday 5:15 – 6:00 PM  
Introduction to SMART on FHIRTuesday 5:15 – 6:00 PM  
Introduction to CDS HooksWednesday 3:15 – 4:00 PM