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Consumer voices: Why interoperability matters

Hear first hand patient and caregiver experiences accessing, using, and sharing their health information. An inside look at what The Sequoia Project is doing to engage everyday people in the interoperability community.

Bren Shipley, Interoperability Matters Program Lead, The Sequoia Project

Come and listen to Bren on Wednesday, June 7 from 17:05-17:30 hrs

Women for FHIR Panel

Let’s hear from women around the world who are making a big impact in the community! Whether it be through influential standards development or prominent implementations, this panel session will be an opportunity to interact with the feminine side of FHIR. We invite everyone to listen to the stories and learn from the leaders who have trail-blazed their paths. There will be a panel discussion followed by audience Q&A – come support one another as we expand our advocacy!

Panel members:

Panel members:

Michaela Ziegler

eHealth Solution Consultant, ahdis ag

Simone Heckman

CEO, Gefyra GmbH

Virginia Lorenzi

Technical Lead Analyst, New York Presbyterian Hospital

Vivian Neilley

Product Manager, Google Gloud

  • Michaela Ziegler, eHealth Solution Consultant, ahdis ag
  • Simone Heckmann, CEO, Gefyra GmbH
  • Virginia Lorenzi, Technical Lead Analyst, New York Presbyterian Hospital
  • Vivian Neilley, Product Manager, Google Gloud

Rien Wertheim, CEO with Firely, will be the host.
Come and listen to the panel on Wednesday, June 7 from 16:45-17:05 hrs

The waste of one operation, my operation
Nothing happens until something moves*
*Albert Einstein

Maria Koijck, Spatial Artist, Bas-is

Come and listen to Maria on Thursday, June 8 from 08:30-08:50 hrs

Blessed with ignorance

Emma Bruns, Doctor, writer, publicist

Come and listen to Emma on Thursday, June 8 from 16:45-17:20 hrs

Where’s the Nurse?

Nurses are the largest healthcare workforce, and consequently the biggest group of users of healthcare technology.  The presentation will discuss the importance of interoperability and standards for data collection and use with a focus on nurses, and what the implications are if you don’t involve nurses (and other users) in technology initiatives.

Dawn Dowding, Professor in Clinical Decision Making, The University of Manchester

Come and listen to Dawn on Friday, June 9 from 15:35-16:10 hrs

Closing Keynote

Grahame Grieve, Healthcare Intersections, FHIR Product Director

Come and listen to Grahame on Friday, June 9 from 16:10-16:30 hrs