HL7 FHIR DevDays

Minneapolis, MN | 2024

Technology Has Not Transformed Healthcare..
Will That Change With AI?

The U.S. healthcare industry has been striving to become technology-enabled for decades, including a $30B+ EHR incentive program with Meaningful Use. Billions more have been spent worldwide to technology-enable various government-led healthcare systems. Has this vast investment cycle over decades transformed the delivery of care or even produced a substantial return on investment? The jury is still out. Could a paper published in 2017 by researchers from the Google Brain team change the narrative—”Attention Is All You Need”? Time will tell…

Keith Figlioli
Managing Partner, LRVHealth

Come and listen to Keith on Tuesday, June 11 from 8:30-8:50 AM

Panel: AI Opportunities for Patients

Join us for a frank and thought-provoking conversation on the future of AI in patient care as we navigate this rapidly evolving field. Our panelists will explore the role of AI in patients’ hands, sharing their own experiences using LLMs to better understand their own health. We’ll consider how empowered patients can mitigate the challenges of AI “hallucinations” and errors, and we’ll touch on the evolving relational dynamics between patients and the healthcare system as patients bring their own tools to the table.

Panel members

Dave deBronkart

Patient Data Activist,
e-Patient Dave


Professional Patient Advocate; HITAC Member


Advocate for Health Data Liberation & Patient Autonomy


Chief Architect,
Microsoft / SMART


AI & Informatics Strategist,

Come and listen to the panel on Tuesday, June 11 from 1:30-2:15 PM

FHIRing up Artificial Intelligence

Generative AI has completely changed the world – and with it, our approaches to building next generation software. From how we interact with reports and healthcare data, to building compelling chatbot experiences, to connecting with our patient and caregiver audiences with real-time audio and video – the possibilities are limitless. In this talk, Brad Genereaux from NVIDIA will provide a state-of-the-union on APIs, SDKs, and services being made available and how they can connect with FHIR to augment the solutions developers are building.

Brad Genereaux
GLobal Lead, Healthcare Alliances, NVIDIA

Come and listen to Brad on Wednesday, June 12 from 8:30-8:50 AM

Upgradeable API Interfaces

As the FHIR community is managing the FHIR R4 to R6 transition, it’s the perfect time to think about designing future revisions of the standard to make upgrading easier. Tim will give an overview of techniques for designing and implementing APIs that make upgrading to newer versions a consistent, repeatable, straightforward process, with examples from Python, Stripe, and Zulip.

Tim Abbott

Come and listen to Tim on Thursday, June 13 from 3:55-4:15 PM