Participant FAQ

Here you will find the answers to (technical) questions

How to reach support

How do I reach support?

The DevDays Team will assist with any questions you have before and throughout the event. You can reach the team via:
Zulip: FHIR Community Stream #DevDays Speaker Support. If you do not already use Zulip, what are you waiting for?! Many great minds meet here to discuss all things FHIR. Please create a Zulip account here prior to DevDays.

Technical Support


The schedule is published on the Whova App and can be accessed through the desktop app or the mobile app. See below the instructions on how to access and download the app. Only registered attendees will be granted access.

How do I access Whova from my desktop

On your PC or Mac:

  • Click here to access the web app in your browser (Google Chrome preferred)
  • Sign up using the same email address you used during registration:
    • Sign in if you have a Whova account
    • If you do not have a Whova account, you will need to create an account. Click ‘Sign up here” to create your own Whova account. Note: You may choose to add as much information to your Whova profile as you feel comfortable with. Other conference attendees will see the information you share on your profile.
    • Complete the sign-in process and start exploring!

How do I download the Whova mobile app?

On your phone or tablet, go to the app store for your device

  • Search for Whova
  • Download the Whova app to your mobile device
  • Sign in using the email and password you used to access Whova on your PC or Mac
  • Select HL7 FHIR DevDays 2024 US (under My Events) and start exploring

If you have previously downloaded Whova onto your mobile device – and especially if you used a different email address – you must first sign out from the Whova app and then sign back in with the login credentials for this conference.

Do I need an access code?

No. All registered attendees will be added to the app on June 1, 2024. Watch for a notification email. If you do not have access to Whova on June 1, send an email to

I have downloaded Whova on my desktop as well as on my phone. Which is the best option to use?

While the choice is yours, you may wish to take a blended approach using both the desktop and mobile app.

  • The mobile app has the option to search for attendees based on recommendations. The match is based upon your profile, so make sure you have your profile updated.
  • Some of the fun community functions (like Break the Ice, photos sharing) and the Passport contest for exhibitors, are only available on the mobile app. Also, the Q&A and chat for a session refreshes automatically on mobile devices, while a refresh may be needed on the Desktop web app.
  • Please note that presentations will be more difficult to view on a smaller phone screen so you may use the desktop instead.

I don’t see the conference in my Whova app

The conference is visible to attendees on June 1, 2024 (prior to DevDays). This gives you time to browse sessions, build your agenda, connect to other attendees and become familiar with the app. Please make sure you logged in to Whova with the same email address as the one you used to sign up to the conference.

If you still don’t see the conference after June 1, 2024, email

I’m having trouble connecting to or using the Whova app. Who should I contact?

Email one of the meeting organizers will contact you. If you think the problem or question may be applicable to all registrants, please go to the Community tab and post the question under “Ask Organizers Anything” and we will respond.


When will the content (e.g. recordings and slides) be available?

The slides (in PDF) will be available in Whova, as soon as the organizers have received them from the speakers You can find them at the Resources – Documents section.

The content (recordings and slides (PDF) will be made exclusively available during 6 months on the DevDays website. You will be notified by email once it is accessible.
After December 10, the content will be publicly available on

How can I rate the session?

After the session has concluded, you can rate the session via the ‘rate session’ button which is shown in the specific session. This functionality is available both on the mobile and web app.

We also appreciate your feedback via the especially created DevDays Feedback Form:


How do I find and/or message another attendee?

In Whova web app, go to the Attendees tab (on the left side of the Main Navigation) where you can view all attendees and directly message them.

In the Whova mobile app, go to the Attendees tab (bottom of the screen). You can browse names, categories, and recommendations and even request a personal meeting with the attendee.

Can I arrange a meet-up with colleagues/other attendees?

Yes! Use the community board to schedule a meet-up. You can schedule a closed (i.e., for a small group of people) or open meeting.

What is the X hashtag for this event?

#fhirdevdays. Feel free to tag the organizers as well: @HL7 and @FirelyTeam

Where do I post pictures?

Do you want to share photos with the community? Pictures can be uploaded via the Whova mobile app.

Why am I not visible on the attendee list?

By default, your name is not shown on the list of registered attendees. In case you wish to be visible, you have to explicit opt-in for this feature. Changes can be made any time via the Settings button on the mobile app.

How can I adjust my personal information?

If you have approved to show your name on the list of attendees, the following information will be visible: name, company, job title. Changes and additional information can be added via the settings/my profile button.

How can I export contacts to my phone address book?

Click on the Profile Icon in the top left, then select the “My Contacts”. There you will see a button called “Save to Phone Address Book” under the “Contact Information” section. Click it to save current contact to your phone address book. You will also have the option in the top right to export your contacts to your email.


What’s the address of the conference venue?

McNamara Alumni Center
200 SE Oak Street
Minneapolis, MN 55455


Questions on the Covid policy

What’s the policy?
Currently no COVID-19 related restrictions or requirements apply for DevDays attendees.
The COVID policy will be evaluated closer to the event dates and may be updated based on developments and CDC guidelines.

Didn’t find an answer?

I have specific questions that are not addressed here. Who can help me?

The DevDays Team will assist with any questions you have before and throughout the event. You can reach the team via:
Zulip: FHIR DevDays Stream #DevDays. If you do not already use Zulip, what are you waiting for?! Many great minds meet here to discuss all things FHIR. Please create a Zulip account here prior to DevDays.