HL7® FHIR® DevDays 2018

19-21 JUNE 2018

Kenneth Rubin

Department of Veterans Affairs, USA

Ken Rubin is the Director of Standards for the VA Office of Knowledge Based Systems, with responsibility for health industry standards involvement for the Veterans Health Administration. In this capacity, Mr. Rubin oversees VHA involvement within the standards community, advocating for standards required to meet Veteran and VA needs, and promulgating the adoption and use of standards within VA efforts. Mr. Rubin is the principal author and key contributor to VHA’s interoperability Roadmap, which includes both business and technical standards. Mr. Rubin is leading an industry effort to create Business Process Models for Healthcare, an open effort to establish semantic standards for the creation and sharing of workflow models between institutions of care, managed under the auspices of the Object Management Group. Mr. Rubin is also active within the Health Services Platform Consortium. Within the standards community, he served as the HL7 Service-oriented Architecture workgroup chair for approximately 14 years, and presently co-chairs the Object Management Group’s Healthcare Domain Task Force. Mr. Rubin is an HL7 Fellow and recipient of the HL7 “Volunteer of the Year” award, that groups highest honor. Mr. Rubin was the acting Executive Director and Architecture Committee lead for Open Health Tools, an open-source community-of-practice focused on the health domain. Previously, Mr. Rubin served as the Chief Architect for HP Enterprise Services’ Federal Healthcare Portfolio. His areas of expertise are health informatics, enterprise architecture, and healthcare integration architecture, where he has done work for the US Department of Veterans Affairs, the Military Health System (now known as the Defense Health Agency), the UK National Health Service, Ministry of Health (Singapore), Queensland Health (Australia), and other health programs worldwide. Mr. Rubin has a BS of Computer Science from the University of Maryland.

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