Rien Wertheim

FHIR DevDays 2024 Schedule Announced

View the jam-packed schedule for FHIR DevDays 2024 with over 100 speakers and 130+ keynotes, tutorials, community talks, birds-of-a-feather sessions, and Let’s Build sessions!

DevDays 2023 is the best edition yet 

FHIR DevDays 2023 was one of the best editions ever. We’re still not back to pre-Covid attendance numbers, but the content and community-building was outstanding, and it felt so, so good to be back on our own turf after four… Continue reading →

Nurses, nerds, and Women for FHIR

Woman for FHIR Panel

DevDays 2023 saw Vivian Neilly from Google launching the Women for FHIR initiative to discuss the role of women in the FHIR community. We kicked things off with a panel discussion that also featured Simone Heckmann (Germany), Michaela Ziegler (Austria),… Continue reading →

DevDays 2023 Program update

Just last week, we published our program for HL7® FHIR® DevDays 2023. Here’s a quick summary: Our “Billboard Hot 100” The keywords we assign to submissions provide a handy overview of what’s happening in the FHIR space. Here are the… Continue reading →