Startup track

FHIR DevDays features the Startup Track again! We invite innovative health IT startups to attend DevDays at a discounted entrance fee and compete for a prize.
The prize is an amount of €2500,-!

Your product will compete on:

  • how FHIR enables your concept to work
  • how innovative your idea is
  • the business value your product offers

The three pillars for DevDays are: education, sharing of ideas and networking. Don’t miss this opportunity to rub shoulders with the people from Google, Microsoft, EpicCerner and many other giants in healthcare and FHIR! This is a great opportunity to learn FHIR, network with the community, validate and market your idea, and get implementation advice.

Spots are limited: up to 5 companies (2 attendees per) will be accepted for the startup track, so don’t delay! If you don’t make it in, you can always come as a regular event attendee.


Thursday, November 21, 2019 in Amsterdam.


The Startup Track will run for the entire day on Thursday. We’ll start with a briefing in the morning, afterwards you are encouraged to attend the morning sessions, have lunch, and then work on your product in the afternoon. The product pitches (5 minutes each) and prize awards will wrap up our time in the venue and then we’ll all head for the night out!

The Startup Track runs on Thursday only, entry is 250 EUR per person. You will get access to all tutorials, speakers, and events. The winner receives a cash prize of 2500 EUR.
If you’d like to attend all of the conference days and not just Thursday, that is possible for 1350 EUR total (30% discount).


Apply by complete the online form before October 1, 2019 once you meet the following requirements:

  • you are a startup – defining what exactly is a startup is pretty hard, so we use the following definition for DevDays: company of 30 or less employees, 3 years or less in operation, with a new product on the market that will be FHIR-enabled, with the products’ focus in the healthcare domain
  • you have a product or a proof-of-concept with FHIR connectivity (or are close enough to have something working on DevDays)

Apply for the Startup track

We will respond to all applications on October 9, 2019.


For any questions regarding the Startup Track, send us an email.