DevDays 2019

NOVEMBER 20-22, 2019

Mikael Rinnetmäki

Sensotrend Oy, Finland

Mikael is the founder of Sensotrend Oy, a healthtech startup based in Tampere, Finland. Mikael has integrated Sensotrend’s services with SMART on FHIR integrations to several EHR systems, and also helped several other companies achieve the same. He has been actively participating in the ramp-up of the Finnish Personal Health Record platform Kanta PHR. Mikael and Sensotrend are also involved in the startup ecosystem of Apotti, a major Epic installation in Finland, and well connected to other healthtech startups in Nordic ecosystems. Living with type 1 diabetes, Mikael is an active patient advocate and very enthusiastic about patient-generated health data. Besides geeky tech stuff, Mikael is also very interested in discussing business models for self-care and wellness apps.

Track Title
EHR Patient-generated health data with consent

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