DevDays 2019

NOVEMBER 20-22, 2019

Lilian Minne

Firely, the Netherlands

Lilian is a FHIR consultant at Firely. Her main focus is profiling and she is responsible for the Profiling Academy. She helped out several customers in profiling (e.g. in the context of medical devices, research and perioperative medicine). She also supports the product teams of Vonk, Simplifier and Forge. She has built Vonk Facade solutions to extract standardized medical research data. Lilian received her bachelor’s and master’s degrees and PhD in Medical Informatics at the University of Amsterdam. She worked in several hospitals on the implementation of EPR’s as well as Medical Intelligence and e-health solutions. In her free time she enjoys several sports like tennis, horse-riding and Zumba, going out with friends and traveling the world.

Track Title
Student Opening Student Track and Presentation of results

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