DevDays 2019

NOVEMBER 20-22, 2019

Gregorio Canal

Consorzio Arsenàl.IT, Italy

Gregorio Canal works as a Test Architect for Consorzio Arsenàl.IT, a consortium among the 23 Local Health Authorities and Hospital Trusts of the Veneto Region (Italy). He designs and maintains the test infrastructure that is used to test the interoperability framework of the regional HIE project and for many others Regional, National and European projects.
Gregorio is involved since 2016 in IHE activities, playing an active role in the IT Infrastructure, Patient Care Coordination, Quality Research and Public Health domains, and he worte, as editor, an IHE integration profile based on FHIR, NPFSm. During these past three years he actively participated in 3 European IHE Connect-a-thons. He reached the MS degree in Bioengineering at the University of Padua (Italy) and developed deep knowledge of the main IT standards, such as OASIS and HL7. During the last two years he has been deeply involved in the European eHealth project EURO-CAS, which has the aim to define a uniform Conformity Assessment Scheme for Europe.


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