DevDays 2019

NOVEMBER 20-22, 2019

Dave deBronkart

e-Patient Dave LLC, USA

Dave deBronkart is a veteran of disruptive digitisation of the printing(!) industry. He gained healthcare notoriety when, as a survivor of kidney cancer, he tried moving his data from his hospital into Google Health. He shared his experiences in blogposts and as a speaker at events, including government testimony about patient involvement,. Dave is co-founder of the Society for Participatory Medicine and advisor to the BMJ, and was visiting professor at the Mayo Clinic. His TED Talk, includes a rap: “Gimme my damn data – it’s all about me!”, and his avatar calls for a Health Data Spigot.

Keynote Title
Stand-up Keynote Thursday From “Let Patients Help”to “Get Out of My Way”:
why some patients want ALL their data NOW

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