The Patient Innovator Track

November 20, 2019

A new phenomenon at DevDays is the Patient Innovator Track. This track shows that patients can and should be the ultimate beneficiaries of FHIR. The Patient Innovator Track provides a stage to patients who have taken control of their health by using the data of their disease and their treatment, or app developers who enable patients to do so.


The Patient Innovator Track takes place on Wednesday November 20th, the first day of the event. During 10 minutes’ pitches in the plenary room, the participants get the opportunity to demo their achievements.


The jury was thrilled by the number of applicants, sending their proposal for the Patient Innovator Track. The applications were reviewed based on the following criteria:

  • Direct impact on the patient’s health or treatment
  • Empowerment of the patient to take control
  • Possible relevance for other patients, ideally as an app that might use FHIR someday
  • Proven usage in daily life

The following applicants have been invited to present their achievement on Wednesday, November 20:

  • Solved interoperability through patient centricity
    Ardy Arianpour, Seqster
  • Using readily available health monitoring devices to track and report real-time symptoms
    Brenda Denzler
  • BloodNumbers – track your blood counts
    John Keyes
  • Health 29 – Interoperable data platform for rare disease patients
    Francisco Javier Logrono, Foundation 29


We are looking for sponsors to help us make a success of the Patient Innovator Track. Specifically, we are looking for two types of sponsors (sponsors who take on both roles are welcome!):

  1. In-kind sponsors, who commit resources to help the winner take the app to the next level. This could be individuals as well
  2. Financial sponsors, whose support will help us cover travel costs for the patients and free admission to DevDays

In-kind sponsors may also come forward during the event. Note: we cannot guarantee the in-kind sponsors upfront.


Jury members of the Patient Innovator Track are Dave deBronkart (e-Patient Dave), Grahame Grieve and the sponsors. The track lead is Mikael Rinnetmäki.


For enquiries about the Patient Innovation Track, please contact Marita Mantle-Kloosterboer at

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